Welcome to Victory Church!


Sunday Worship 10:30 am

Wednesday Small Groups 7:00 am

Victory Church is located in Sagle, Idaho, just south of Sandpoint.  Our church building is at 602 Gun Club Road.  (See the Visit Us page for more details.)  We are a part of the Baptist Network Northwest (BNN) circle of churches.  The BBN is Comprised of Baptist, Bible, and Non-Denominational churches that all holding to a Baptistic form of basic doctrine.  A group of churches that encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

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Protocols for Victory

Church during covid crisis.

We have arranged the auditorium and provided additional rooms with Cable feeds that make 6 foot social distancing easily attainab

Main Auditorium Setup. Our center rows of chairs are 5 foot apart and with an angular pattern 6 foot distancing easily achieved. Our 2 side rows of chairs are also 5 foot apart. The distance between the side rows and the middle rows are 6 feet apart from head to head. Please feel free to use any of the 3 exits in our facility that best aid a safe distance departure.

Seating Recommendations
Families are welcome to sit as close to each other as they desire.
We will not force social distancing on any but ask that all living in separate places to maintain social distancing of 6 feet in their seating and fellowship.
Those wanting more controlled social distancing will be ushered to the front of the auditorium and or provided a place to sit in the foyer or in the downstairs area to watch the service on video.

We have posted the required signs for informational purposes
We have signs posted giving the warning signs of Covid-19.
We have signs posted reminding people to honor social distancing.

Hand out protocols
No passing out of any items or papers.
Bulletins will not be passed out but available to be picked up from a table in the foyer. Any handouts and signup sheets to be placed in a designated place for pickup.

Offerings to be placed in the offering box in the back as usual.

Elderly and those with health risks vulnerable populations are encouraged to stay home until they are confident they can safely attend. If you have conditions that make you a high risk for infection you should stay home and watch online until your physician or health care provider gives them the OK to resume public interaction. Please do not attend if you have any cold or flu symptoms.

Cleanliness Protocols
All who enter need to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer prior to entering or just after entering.
The auditorium will be sanitized after every service.
Hand sanitizer is available for all to use as the need.

Victory Church takes no responsibility for any who contract Covid-19.
Our recommendations are in line with the CDC, Idaho, and Panhandle Health District directives.