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Montes Update – May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

Dear Brethren in America,

May God’s blessings be upon you! We thank God for everyday we can spend for Him, with our loved ones, and for the opportunities given to us to be a blessing to others. Every circumstance we are in, whether trials or triumphs the Lord has shown us His grace and mercy!

The second quarter of this year has proven to be a roller-coaster experience for us ministry-wise and for the family. After a 2 month deputation in the States I came back confident that I have raised enough support for the 2 mission work of the national pastors that we are going to help. My confidence came not because I was sure that the churches in America would do it, I was sure that I was going to do it with the Lord’s help. Indeed, there were churches that informed me that they will and I am hoping they would. And then a Thai attended the church and we talked about being partners in starting a Baptist church that would reach the Thai people here in area. Bro Rachen Kaengkeaw wants to share in the vision of starting bible-believing Baptist churches in the Mae Sot area. I have always prayed to the Lord that when the time is right He would allow me to reach these people with the gospel. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for this endeavor. Personally I am excited with this prospect!

This year we have been promised that our Missionary visa will be released. The month of May came and still there has been no word from the Thai government office. As our temporary visa was set to expire I and my wife set out to Laos to apply at the Thai Embassy there for 1 month tourist visa. To our disappointment we were given only 15 days! No amount of pleading from my wife would change their minds. Still reeling from this incident we sat at the bus station in Khon Khaen we received another blow with the news that Sis. Jane’s father died back home. I perceived that the Lord would have us to go back. But it was not an easy decision to make because I was thinking of the “break-through” we were about to have!  But there was no denying it was the right thing to do. My wife was able to get ticket for her and the 2 youngest with her. I soon followed with Janelle and Amos last 24th. Please pray that the Recommendation Letter from the Office in Thailand would be released soon. This is the letter we would bring with us to apply for a Missionary visa. Without this letter we would only be given 15 days again. The Lord knows that we cannot afford to do this; not only is it expensive, it is also very exhausting. So we are going to wait for it here in the Philippines until the Lord clears it for us. I believe there is a good reason why the Lord brought us here again despite our sentiments. Needless to say the ministry of Faith Baptist Church continues with me closely coordinating with my assistant Bro Peter who is from the Naga Tribe in Burma.

I told the people of the church last Sunday that I have never claimed this church as my own personal possession. I enjoy being their pastor-love it! Nevertheless, I look forward to the time that a national would pastor this church and that it would be self-sufficient, autonomous, and missionary. Maybe the Lord’s time came earlier than I expect!

Yours for the Cross,

Bro Moore Montes