Victory Church is first and foremost a Bible-based church that seeks to study the Word in an expository manner and to proclaim the Gospel of Christ from loving hearts to the lost around us. Our basic beliefs are in line with the average Baptist church in basic doctrine. Victory Church is located in Sagle, Idaho, just south of Sandpoint. Our church building is at 602 Gun Club Road. (See the Visit Us page for more details.)

What do I wear?  We don’t have a dress code and encourage people to come as they are.  Whether its a suit, tie, dress, blue jeans, t-shirts, short, dress shoes or tennis shoes, etc. all are welcome.

What king of music can I expect?  you can expect a mixture of traditional hymns sung in a traditional manner as well as the latest in meaningful contemporary worship songs.  All sung within the same service in 2 different sets.  Our music is never loud to where anyone would ever need ear plugs.  Our worship service is centered on Christ and not a performance for people.  Our goal is to glorify the Lord in Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual songs.  We use any instrument that an individual is willing to use for worshipping the Lord.

What can I expect on my first visit?  You can park you car in the front church parking lot and as you enter the building you will be met by a greeter who will give you a connection card to fill out.  Before or after the service you can put you card in the offering box connected to the wall by the door you entered.  There is a nursery available downstairs for babys and toddlers as well as an open area for older children if needed.

Are you a family friendly church?  YES! We welcome all families large or small.  We have a desire to make our church a place where families can worship together and not be separated during every service.  We welcome babys and young children in the main worship service.   All we ask is that if a baby or child becomes a noise concern that you take them into the foyer where the parent can take care of them and also watch the service on the wall monitor.

Are you a legalistic church?  NO!  We do not have a church rule book or set of required standards.  We just want people to love God with all their heart soul and mind and love others as themselves.  The Great Commandment.  Every thing falls into place as we obey that one great law.