Nov 06

Keep Praying Joe!

Keep praying Joe!

Recently a football coach in Seattle, Joe Kennedy, was suspended from his job because he persisted on going out onto the football field after the conclusion of the game to quietly pray. I happened to hear a Fox News correspondent make the comment that the coach was violating the clause, “the separation of church and state”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The phrase “separation of church and state” came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association who was concerned that the Anglican church was in the works to become the official denomination of the United States. Thomas Jefferson’s letter was specifically written to reassure the Baptist group that there would be no such action behind the scenes to establish one particular religion above another as an official state religion but that all faiths would have freedom of expression without government interference.
The first amendments establishment clause was written to keep the government from regulating churches or establishing a state religion NOT to keep the influence of church and religion out of the government. The founding fathers understood that faith and religion must have their influence upon government in order for government to function properly, fairly, and righteously. They understood that religion could influence government without controlling government.
In recent years this phrase “the separation of church and state” has been taken totally out of context and used to promote a specifically anti-Christian agenda to rid the Christian faith from any form of public display or influence possible. Sorry but I can’t help but say it! Thomas Jefferson would “roll over in his grave” if he could see how his comment had been twisted to oppose everything he believed in regards to the governments roll in society and its churches. The misuse of the separation of church and state clause has been used to ban just about anything religious from prayer in public schools to the banning of saying merry Christmas in many public arenas.
I commend Joe Kennedy for exercising his constitutional and God given right to pray in public. Our founding fathers understood the importance of prayer and faith being a part of our government. President John Quincy Adams said in July 4, 1821 “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this; it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” May Christians everywhere freely exercise the great privilege we have to pray to our God publicly and privately without fear.
As Alexis de Tocqueville said, “…if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” It is sad that the only hope to keep our nation from it continuing slide into destruction and irrelevance; prayer, morality, biblical truth, the saving gospel of Jesus Christ are the very things that our society seems bent on banning and rejecting. May Joe (and the average Christian Joe) continue to celebrate and practice expressions of faith in all areas of society and help others to look to Jesus for forgiveness of sin and instruction on how we should live righteously in this present world. Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach and condemnation to any people.

Jan 08

Montes Update – December 26, 2012

The Lord has been answering our prayers for Faith Baptist Church of Bang Khang Pi Ban, Mae Sot Tak, Thailand, in which the Montes family serves. September saw its transition from a mission-work to an officially organized independent church. December 8 was the annual Christmas party for kids. Brother Moore declares, “The LORD abundantly blessed this event giving us 105 children, some parents came with their kids—it was so overwhelming yet so awesome.”

A subsequent youth meeting, a first-ever missions conference, remote home bible studies, a packed Sunday service, and a visit to the Philippines rounds out this year-end report. Montes Report 12-26-2012

Jan 08

Broyles Update – December 20, 2012

Dec 25

Merry Christmas

image_0A very Merry Christmas to all in our wonderful church family.  How comforting and joyous to know that Christmas is more than a few presents that quickly rust and corrupt.  It is about the unchangeable, perfect, and never ending gift of salvation through the virgin birth, perfect life, atoning death, and physical resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and know that you will, for how could you not after receiving the greatest gift of all! You have received redemption through the wonderful, counselor, mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of peace, Jesus the lamb of God.

Loving The Lord more every day,
Your friend and pastor,
Ps photo of sister Renee’s tree!

Dec 17

Lara Update – December 10, 2012

It’s great to hear from our missionaries in central Mexico, Benjamin and Maggie Lara. Having celebrated their one-year anniversary in the field, they send this letter in which they share about what the Lord has been doing with their little church plant. We read of at least three specific prayer requests. Can you find them? Check it out!

Dec 05

Mears Update – December 5, 2012

2012 has been a full and productive year for the Mears family. You may recall Kory, during his visit with us last year, describing his hopes to see a church restarted on a nearby island. Well, the Lord arranged that this year! Kory reports:

The new work in Savusavu is now in its third month.

Lighthouse Baptist, Savusavu
Bro. Jonathan has been able to regather about three families from the church that had closed down and they are now meeting every Sunday. There are a few new visitors coming and a few who have been saved and are preparing for baptism. Please continue to pray for Bro. Jonathan.

To learn more about this and other exciting developments in the South Pacific, read the full report here.

Nov 28

Montes Update – October 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from our missionary family in Thailand

Nov 28

Broyles Update – November 28, 2012

Just in from the Broyles in Brazil.

An interesting thing happened while Terry was downtown getting an alarm put on our car.  Leaving the car at the shop, he took the boys to get something to eat at a stand on the next block. They met a man and began to converse with the intent to share the gospel. As it came to light that Terry was from the church in Medeiros (the church neighborhood), astonished he said, “This must be of God!” In explanation he related that Tiago, the man Terry has a Bible study with each week in his barbershop, visited him the day before and invited him to church! Please pray for Marcos to come to church and accept a Bible study.

Click here to read the full report.

Nov 15

Broyles Update – November 14, 2012

Here’s the latest news from the Broyles in Brazil.

Broyles Update 2012-11-14a

Oct 19

Montes Update – October 7, 2012

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, Faith Baptist Church in Bang Khang Pi Ban, Thailand was officially orgainzed into a local Baptist church. Pastor Montes relates, “It has been 3 years since we started this mission work and it is all because of the LORD’s gracious blessings that we have this ministry.” In his encouraging letter, he goes on to describe several significant things that God has done in that time.

Download Letter

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