Oct 17

Broyles Update – October 17, 2012

Click here to read about the Lord’s work through the Broyles family in the past month.

Oct 02

Mears Update – September 20, 2012

In this newsletter, Kory Mears describes the events of the past three months.

    • Nausori Baptist 15th Year Anniversary Conference, July 2-8
    • ACE Educators Conference, July 9-10
    • Baptist Fine-Arts Competition, July 24-25
    • Baptist Youth Camp, August 27-31
    • South Pacific Fellowship of Independent Baptist Pastors, October 1-4
    • New Missionary sent to Savusavu
    • Fiji Bible Project (for update see http://www.bimi.org/fiji/home.php)
    • Family

Download Letter: Mears Prayer Letter – September 20, 2012

Sep 20

Broyles Update – September 12, 2012


Evangelist Randy Chovan has recently visited the Broyles’ church, IBBJ, in Brazil. Terry writes, “Praise the Lord for the ministry that Randy has been doing since his arrival here in Brazil on the 1st of September.  He preached at the youth meeting, a series Sunday-Wednesday at IBBJ, during which time he also went with Terry to Bible studies and on visits, and passed out tracts with some of the youth…”

Click here to read all about the Lord’s workings with the Broyles including the answer to their prayers for a “new” car!

Jul 26

The Miraculous Impact of Christ on the World Part I

How the miracle of Jesus changed the world.

The miraculous birth of Christ was to a lowly couple in a lowly stable.  No pomp and circumstance, no trumpets, no proclamations.  Yet his birth had enormous political impact and struck fear in the heart of the local leadership of occupied Israel.  The Roman appointed ruler, Herod, so concerned over this seemingly insignificant birth, sent out his soldiers to kill all Jewish children under 2 years old lest the rumored “king of the Jews” ever breathed long on this earth.

Born of a virgin, announced and affirmed by angels from heaven, Jesus was born to a common Jewish family.  Jesus earthly parents were supernaturally warned to flee to the safety of the unlikely place of Egypt.  Returning to Nazareth, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature in the eyes of those around Him.  At 12 he confounded the religious leaders of his day with words of wisdom beyond any normal mortal mental capacity.

At 30 Jesus began His ministry God had appointed Him to fulfill.  He healed multiple thousands upon thousands of every imaginable disease.  He cast out demons and legions of demons from any man that he desired to confront.  He did the unimaginable miracle of raising the dead from the grave.  He did the ultimate of miracles, He raised Lazrus from the dead after he had been dead long enough to deteriorate and stink.

Another overlooked miracle of Jesus was the perfect words that He uttered.  The unsurpassed beauty of the beatitudes in the sermon on the mount, the countless answers and comforting words.  The many times He answered questions before they were even asked.  The teachings of truth concerning God His Father.  The self proclamation that He and His Father were one and the same.  The astounding declarations of His sinless perfection, His diety, while still in human flesh.  The starling revelation of His existence before the foundation of the world.  The power of his words in the garden that caused the soldiers to fall backwards to the ground.

Of course the greatest miracle was His death on the cross.  The earthquake, the darkness in the middle of the day, the supernatural tearing of the temple veil.  The exposing of the holy of holies signifying that Jesus’ sacrifice was finally a sacrifice that fulfilled all previous sacrifices.  It was truly finished.  Sins debt was paid and found acceptable by God the Father.  Through the sacrifice of Christ we can now have a restored relationship with our creator God.

The miracle of Jesus’ resurrection is unrefutable to this day.  Jesus was seen alive after His death by over 500 witnesses.  Jesus’ impact was so profound on the world that even our western calendar centers on the life of Christ.  The miraculous impact of Jesus upon the world is seen in the millions upon millions of belivers, men, women, and children who have died horrible and torturous deaths rather than deny Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Jesus, the impact will continue as His remnant followers never cease to exist.  They grew in vast numbers the more they were persecuted and maryred.  No other faith will die for their Lord.  Islam makes others die for their religion and kill themselves for their beliefes.  Their suicidal tendencies are motivated by their hate for others,  On the other hand, Christians are involuntarily murdered for what they believe yet continually express their love for their enemies and persecutors.  They die at the murderous hands of those who hate them.

The Miraculous impact of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ is the focal point of all history and religion.  It is copied, twisted, reconstituted into numerous cultic, paganistic, and humanistic beliefs system.  Christ and Him crucified will be the central focus at the end of time.  He will be the central focus as judge in the great tribulation.  He will be the central focus when He returns in glory and splendor at His second coming.  Jesus will be the central focal point of all eternity in heaven as we worship and praise Him for His glorious sacrifice for our sin that made us righteous and able dwell with God for eternity as His forgiven and glorified Son.

Jul 18

Donley Update – July 18, 2012

Here is a news update from Chuck Donley regarding his mission work among prisoners over the last few months. “I want to encourage you to earnestly pray for us as we labor to move forward for Christ,” he says. He goes on to describe four key prayer needs:

  • First, that souls would be saved
  • Secondly, pray for laborers
  • Thirdly, please pray for His daily provision
  • Fourthly, please pray about helping us to purchase Bibles

Read all the details here.

Jul 18

Broyles Update – July 11, 2012

Valentines Day in July?Valentines Dinner at Church

Sure enough, if you are in Brazil. Click here to read about how the Broyles made a ministry of it, and much more.


Jul 18

Mears Update – June 26, 2012

In the latest news from the South Pacific, Kory Mears relates a most remarkable opportunity.

“For many years we have been praying for an open door to evangelize outside of the cities and towns. Because of Fiji’s strong cultural and traditional practices, getting to outer islands and interior villages has been very hard. But I believe God has opened the most amazing door yet for us to get the Bible and Salvation to the whole of Fiji.” The Fijian government has welcomed a project proposed by Allen Brooks, field director for BIMI, to distribute Bibles in every school in Fiji!

Click here to read the full report.

Jul 18

Broyles Update – June 26, 2012

News from the Broyles in Brazil!

“Our home church, Salem Baptist, asked for our special prayer request and

we thought we would send them to you all as well. We are grateful to

know that we are prayed for and are delighted to see God working through

the effectual fervent prayers of righteous people on our behalf!”

Download the letter here.


Jun 22

Life Lessons For Teenagers


In an effort to bring the reality of life to our teens it is not a bad idea to give them some wise words of wisdom gleaned from decades of learning from the elder crowd.  The linked article by the christian counselor, Rick Thomas, shows just that in a light hearted, mildly sarcastic, and direct way.

Click on the article, Life Lessons For Teenagees, for an interesting series of lessons that can be helpful to all ages, not just teenagers..

Jun 21

Montes Update – June 20, 2012

Special services with visiting Americans, Godly mothers honored, a son surrendering to preach, a daughter’s salvation, a son’s graduation, and more happening in Thailand. Brother Montes says, “before the Lord does anything he sets His people to pray. There is so much to do in these places…”

Click here to read the full report and see how you can join him in prayer.

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