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Nov 06

Keep Praying Joe!

Keep praying Joe! Recently a football coach in Seattle, Joe Kennedy, was suspended from his job because he persisted on going out onto the football field after the conclusion of the game to quietly pray. I happened to hear a Fox News correspondent make the comment that the coach was violating the clause, “the separation …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all in our wonderful church family.  How comforting and joyous to know that Christmas is more than a few presents that quickly rust and corrupt.  It is about the unchangeable, perfect, and never ending gift of salvation through the virgin birth, perfect life, atoning death, and physical resurrection of our …

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Jul 26

The Miraculous Impact of Christ on the World Part I

How the miracle of Jesus changed the world. The miraculous birth of Christ was to a lowly couple in a lowly stable.  No pomp and circumstance, no trumpets, no proclamations.  Yet his birth had enormous political impact and struck fear in the heart of the local leadership of occupied Israel.  The Roman appointed ruler, Herod, …

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