Victory Baptist Church - Sagle, Idaho

September 20, 1009 Song Night

The evening of September 20th was a blessed time of musical fellowship. Several sister churches joined us for special music, congregational singing, and Bible teaching. (Let's not forget that there was also dessert afterward!) We are grateful to all who came.

Here are recordings of the special music:

  1. Chris Pierce: He Did It All for Me
  2. Chris Pierce: How Deep the Father's Love
  3. Chris Pierce: Jesus Is Coming Back
  4. The Petricks: This Blessed Old Book
  5. The Petricks: Goodly Heritage
  6. The Coles: Jesus Medley
  7. Ryan Favor: Abide with Me
  8. Brother Hoover: He Died for Me
  9. The Hoovers: Lord Jesus, Come
  10. The Hoovers: It Is Well
  11. Jessica and Kellie: It Took a Lamb
  12. Jessica, Kellie, and Ryan: 'Tis So Sweet
  13. The Huddles: Somewhere in Gloryland
  14. The Bickishes: I'm Blessed
  15. The Bickishes: Only By Grace
  16. The Bickishes: Hidden in Christ
  17. The Favors: Amazing Grace