Pastor’s Bio

I was saved at the age of 7 in Saginaw Michigan on a Sunday night. My father was the pastor at that time and served there faithfully for a number of years. That Sunday night I went to church as normal and sat down next to my mother. I looked up to her and said, “wake me up during the invitation because I want to be saved tonight”. I knew that I could not make it through the service with out falling asleep. It was not due to may dad being a boring and laborious preacher but to my inability to keep my eyelids open past 7:30 on a Sunday evening.

I don’t remember exatly what she said but I am sure she was somewhat taken back. I was sincere and the Lord had been working on my hyper active little heart for a number of weeks. True to my request, my mother woke me up after the sermon was over and I eagerly went forward with my mother in tow and she went through the gospel with me and I received Christ as my saviour. I realized how terrible my life of sin had been, the murdering, the stealing, the rebellion….yes, I had been angery at my siblings, and I had stolen those cookies, and I had disobeyed my parent with intent and I was gloriously saved! From that moment on I have grown in my love for the Lord and have had a drive to give the gospel to the lost.

As I grew in the Lord I began to be drawn by the Lord to consider being a pastor. After high school I attended the International Institute of A.C.E. Lewisville Texas. I graduated with a BA in Christian Education and a certificate of marriage to a my beautiful wife Lynette. a couple years later I finished my MA in Church Ministries from Feedom Seminary. I am currently working on my Masters of Biblical Exposition from Pensacola Theological Seminary.

We then moved to Burney California where I worked in a christian school at the Intermountain Baptist Church under Pastor Bud Hennessey. Then we moved to Freno California where I worked in a plywood mill while helping Pastor Mark Irmler in his new church plant, Ambassador Baptist Church. It was Ambassador Baptist that sent me out as their first missionary to plant a new church in Sandpoint idaho. Now, 18 years later we have merged with Sagle Baptist and am the happy pastor of the Sagle Victory Baptist Church.

As a pastor, I do not dwell on the legalistic aspects of the christian walk that so many have sought as the way to get believers to follow Christ and be “good” Christians. My desire is to teach and preach so that the people of Sagle Victory become consumned with love for their Saviour. To lead them in loving Christ and making Him preimenint in their lives. To learn what it is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then be able to love their neighbor as their selves. Loving God gives the foundation from which we can love our wives, husbands, childern, neighbors, etc.

As pastor, I will give an account to God for my actions, not to another man, pastor, convention, fellowsip. I pray daily for God to guide me through the wise council of truly Godly men but more importantly to guide me through His word.

There it is. A brief glimpse into my salvation testimoney, my journey to Sagle Idaho, and my philosophy of ministry.
In Christ,
Pastor Jerry Favor