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Sagle Victory Baptist Church meets at 602 Gun Club Road in Sagle, just a few miles south of Sandpoint, Idaho. From Highway 95, turn west on Gun Club Road. The church is on the right, roughly 1/2 mile from Highway 95.

Victory Baptist Church recently merged with Sagle Baptist Church and is now called Sagle Victory Baptist Church. Pastor David Hess retired from Sagle Baptist Church and Pastor Jerry Favor of Victory Baptist Church became the pastor of the newly merged Sagle Victory Baptist Church.

Pastor Favor started Victory Baptist Church in Sandpoint Idaho July 24th, 1994 as a new church plant out of the Ambassador Baptist Church of Fresno California. Now, 18 years later, the churches have merged and enjoy meeting in a permanent building and property debt free! Not to mention the greater blessing of the new faces of Sagle Baptist that we have come to know and love!

Our mission as a Bible preaching church is to give the gospel to the lost and disciple and grow the saved. Everything we do centers on being faithful to that mission. We have seen many saved in the past years and have seen many others grow in Christ through our various ministries. We do not seek numbers but souls. Our desire is that people are genuinely saved and then grow in their love of their Savior.

Our preaching is expository and practically applied. Our music is Christ honoring and its purpose is to bring glory to God rather than the performer. Our outreaches are for the purpose of giving the gospel and planting the seed. We know that it is the Lord that saves and the Holy Spirit that draws men to Him.

If you have visited before we thank you for coming and if you have not please come and worship with us.

Because of Calvary,

Pastor Jerry Favor