Jun 08

Here I go…

For some reason I picked today to try and figure out how to use the church website! While going through my 1,000 emails and trying to delete as many as possible, I came across Mark’s emails with the proper codes and explanations needed to get started. They seemed to cry out to me, “chicken”, “lazy”, for not getting on the ball and going down into the world of web page editing and posting. I admit that fear and ignorance was the main hinderance more than laziness.

Now that I am becoming familiar with the workings of the web page I am less fearful and more motivated. My lofty goal is to start writing articles once in a while and posting them on the church website and attempting to add more articles of interest from other sources. That is my goal, not my covenant promise! It is like my goal of cleaning off the top of my clothes dresser….it does happen, but not often….I will try to be more true to the web page goal and maybe it will do a reverse inspiration on me to keep my dresser less clutered. (Not holding my breath on that one) I look forward to seeing how I do!